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A great way to learn new skills is video training, for which I recommend checking out PluralSight. They provide training material that follows trend, and contents is presented by field experts such as Microsoft MVP’s. For a relative small monthly or discounted yearly subscription fee, you can update your skills in your area of expertise and keep those updated. With the whole course offerings at your disposal, it also allows you to learn about topics outside your comfort zone and broaden your horizon.

PluralSight offers applications to consume course material on desktop or mobile platforms, including offline playing capabilities, which is great way to spend your commute or travel in a useful way. They also provide guidance on learning paths, skill evaluation and other material, like a certificate when you complete a course.

Pluralsight also offers a Premium plan, which provides even more ways to build in-demand technology skills. In addition to expert-led courses, learning paths and skill assessments, the new Pluralsight Premium plan gives access to hands-on learning experiences to practice and apply new skills in real world-scenarios, e.g.

  • Certification Practice Exams
  • Interactive Courses
  • Projects

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