Exchange Solution Reviewed Program

The Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) was developed to provide a common storage testing framework for 3rd party vendors to provide information on their storage performance for Microsoft Exchange Server. For tested storage solutions, please consult the Exchange Solution Reviewed Program page for Exchange 2013 (ESRPv3) and Exchange 2013 (ESRPv4) here.

These solutions are only reviewed under the reviewed specifications, which is not only limited to the hardware, like number of nodes, controllers or memory configuration, but also parameters like the IOPS profile used or mailbox sizes. For example, some vendors use a low 0.06 IOPS profile, some 0.12 IOPS. This decreases (or increases) the potential number of mailboxes to run on that hardware configuration for the same test results.

Note that tweaks offered by individual storage solutions and likely not enabled for the review, such as compression techniques for lowering disk footprints or RAID encoding alternatives, may actually degrade performance or reliability when enabled in. Therefor I still highly recommended to validate your storage design before putting Exchange in production, for example by successfully running JetStress.

Finally, and unfortunately, the ESRP doesn’t say anything about solutions being cost-effective. Don’t forget, when properly sized, Exchange with all its built-in availability and resilience features can run fine on commodity hardware.

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