Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Calculator 4.5

It looks like the Microsoft Exchange Team is working very hard on improving the Exchange Mailbox Role Calculator, because today they released version 4.5 (around 2 weeks after releasing 3.5). This version includes the following changes since 3.5:

  • Included minimum number of global catalog cores in calculation results;
  • Ability to specify different RAID parity settings for Restore LUN;
  • Improved formatted capacity of a disk drive calculation;

Version 4.5 of the calculator also includes several bugfixes; consult the changelog (or should that be changeblog 🙂 ).

Looking at the number of changes and the changes itself I’m puzzled why the Mailbox Storage Calculator suddenly jumped 1 major version (3.5->4.5) where one would expect a minor version update.

You can download the calculator here.

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