Other Scripts

powershellBelow is a list of useful scripts created by others, for any IT Professional involved with Exchange or Office 365. When available, the link will take you to the related article containing a link to the download location. If there is no related article, you will be taken directly to the download location, e.e. Technet Gallery or GitHub.

If you got any additions for the list or corrections, use the contact form or send me an e-mail.

Script Author(s)
Exchange Server Antivirus Exclusions MSFT
Managed Availability Troubleshooter MSFT
Generate-MessageProfile MSFT
Get-MAPIStats Ingo Gegenwarth
Get-ActiveExchangeUsers Ingo Gegenwarth
Get-RCAStats Ingo Gegenwarth
Get-IISStats Ingo Gegenwarth
Get-EWSStats Ingo Gegenwarth
Get-HTTPProxy Ingo Gegenwarth
Get-OABStats Ingo Gegenwarth
Mailbox Category List Manager Thomas Stensitzki
Managed Availability Log Parser MSFT
Virtual Directory HTML Report Michael van Horenbeeck
Mailbox Audit Log Entries Report Paul Cunningham
RBAC Role Group Membership Report Paul Cunningham
SEFAUtil GUI Johan Veldhuis
Exchange Environment Report Steve Goodman
Generate-MailboxProfile MSFT
LDAP to OPATH Filter Conversion MSFT
Modern Public Folder Migration Scripts MSFT
Get-SimpleAuditLogReport MSFT
Exchange 2013 Performance Health Checker MSFT
ActiveSync Device Reporting Paul Cunningham
Copy-ReceiveConnector Thomas Stensitzki
Exchange Log Level Zachary Loeber
Get-MailboxReport Paul Cunningham
Exchange 2013/IIS Logs Purger Thomas Stensitzki
Start and Stop Exchange Server Maintenance Mode Michael van Hoorenbeeck
Analyze Move Requests MSFT
Report Mailbox Permissions Serkan Varoğlu
Schedule Exchange tasks Thomas Stensitzki
Get Exchange 2013 CAS Health Check Paul Cunningham
Configure Client URLs Paul Cunningham
CPU Sizing Checker MSFT
Get AutoDiscover Response Ingo Gegenwarth
Converts DG to Office 365 Group Tony Redmond
Dynamic Exchange Retention Policies Tony Redmond
Health Check Report Exchange 2010/2013/2016 Paul Cunningham
Check Maximum Token Size MSFT
Activate Synced Passwords Nathan O’Bryan
AzureCopy GUI Chris Goosen
AD Health Check Carl Webster, Michael B. Smith, Jeff Wouters

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