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  • Modernizing Exchange scripts
    Microsoft Exchange Community Airlift, Sep2022 (Blog, Recording)
  • Help! We’re still on Exchange 2010
    Evolve Conference UK, Oct2019
  • Deploying Hybrid Office 365 in a Service-Based Computing Concept
    BE-COM, Jun2018
  • Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell, Tips & Tricks
    UC Day UK, Oct2017
  • Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell, Tips & Tricks
    Office 365 Engage, Jun2017
  • Workshop PowerShell for Office 365
    Office 365 Engage, Jun2017
  • Workshop: Advanced PowerShell Management of Office 365
    IT/Dev Connections, Oct2016 (Blog)
  • Exchange 2016 & OOS, Office Online Server (Blog, Recording, Slides)
    BE-COM, Apr2016.
  • Workshop: Managing Exchange On-Premises and Exchange Online using PowerShell (Blog, Slides)
    IT/Dev Connections, Sep2015
  • PowerShell Tips & Tricks for Exchange (Blog, Slides)
    IT/Dev Connections, Sep2014
  • MEC 2014 Highlights (Slides)
    Exchange event for holding & relations, May2014
  • Exchange 2010 Tips & Tricks (Blog, Slides)
    Exchange themed NGN event (NL), Oct2012
  • PowerShell for the Exchange 2003 Admin (Blog, Slides)
    Exchange themed NGN event (NL), May2011
  • Amazing Autodiscoveries, Exchange 2007/2010 (Video, Blog, Slides)
    Exchange themed NGN event (NL), Feb2011






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  1. Hi.
    Do you probably know anyway the one can run Exchange and Postfix alongside? while synhcronizing with each other?




    • Those are two whole different e-mail eco systems, relying on different directory systems. Mail itself can of course route between those two, when configured properly. Synchronizing accounts or entries for address lists relies on identity management products, i.e. FIM.


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