Exchange Versions, Builds & Dates

This is the list of Exchange versions, build numbers and release dates for major releases (RTM, Service Packs) as well as Cumulative Updates and Rollups. The table also contains a link to the release notes or related KB article as well as a download link. Note that downloads for older versions might become unavailable over time.

The latest builds:

Note that the list below is ordered by version, not release date. Also, version numbers may vary slightly between the reported installed version and Exchange’s setup program, ExSetup.exe.

Version Build Released Info Link
4.0 (Touchdown) Apr1996
5.0 Mar1997
5.5 SP4 (Osmium) 5.5.1960 Nov2000 KB274831
5.5 Post SP4 5.5.2655.37 Oct2001 KB282533 Via KB
2000 SP3 (Platinum) 6.0.6249 Aug2002 Release Notes Download
2000 Post SP3 6.0.6620.15 Apr2010 KB976703 Download
2003 RTM (Titanium) 6.5.6944 Oct2003
2003 SP1 6.5.7226 May2004 Release Notes Download
2003 SP2 6.5.7638 Oct2005 KB906669 Download
2003 Post SP2 6.5.7653.33 Mar2008 KB951061
2003 Post SP2 6.5.7654.4 Aug2008 KB956398
2003 Post SP2 6.5.7656.2 Apr2010 KB976702 Download
2007 RTM (Exchange ’12’) 8.0.685.25 (or 24) Dec2006 Release Notes Download
2007 RU1 8.0.708.3 Apr2007 KB930809 Download
2007 RU2 8.0.711.2 May2007 KB935490 Download
2007 RU3 8.0.730.1 Jun2007 KB935999 Download
2007 RU4 8.0.744.0 Aug2007 KB940006 Download
2007 RU5 8.0.754.0 Oct2007 KB941421 Download
2007 RU6 8.0.783.2 Feb2008 KB942846 Download
2007 RU7 8.0.813.0 Jul2008 KB953469 Download
2007 SP1 Nov2007 Release Notes Download
2007 SP1 RU1 Feb2008 KB945684 Download
2007 SP1 RU2 May2008 KB948016 Download
2007 SP1 RU3 Jul2008 KB949870 Download
2007 SP1 RU4 8.1.311.3 Oct2008 KB952580 Download
2007 SP1 RU5 8.1.336.1 Nov2008 KB953467 Download
2007 SP1 RU6 8.1.340.1 Feb2009 KB959241 Download
2007 SP1 RU7 8.1.359.2 Mar2009 KB960384 Download
2007 SP1 RU8 8.1.375.2 May2009 KB968012 Download
2007 SP1 RU9 8.1.393.1 Jul2009 KB970162 Download
2007 SP1 RU10 8.1.436.0 Apr2010 KB981407 Download
2007 SP2 Aug2009 Release Notes Download
2007 SP2 RU1 Nov2009 KB971534 Download
2007 SP2 RU2 Jan2010 KB972076 Download
2007 SP2 RU3 Mar2010 KB979784 Download
2007 SP2 RU4 Apr2010 KB989381 Download
2007 SP2 RU5 8.2.305.03 Dec2010 KB2407132 Download
2007 SP3 Jun2010 Release Notes Download
2007 SP3 RU1 Sep2010 KB2279665 Download
2007 SP3 RU2 Dec2010 KB2407025 Download
2007 SP3 RU3 v2
(v1: Feb2011)
KB2492691 Download
2007 SP3 RU4 Jul2011 KB2509911 Download
2007 SP3 RU5 Sep2011 KB2602324 Download
2007 SP3 RU6 Jan2012 KB2608656 Download
2007 SP3 RU7 Apr2012 KB2655203 Download
2007 SP3 RU8 v3
KB2778154 Download
2007 SP3 RU9 Dec2012 KB2746157 Download
2007 SP3 RU10 Feb2013 KB2788321 Download
2007 SP3 RU11 8.3.327.1 Aug2013 KB2873746 Download
2007 SP3 RU12 8.3.342.4 Dec2013 KB2903911 Download
2007 SP3 RU13 8.3.348.2 Feb2014 KB2917522 Download
2007 SP3 RU14 8.3.379.2 Aug2014 KB2936861 Download
2007 SP3 RU15 8.3.389.2 Dec2014 KB2996150 Download
2007 SP3 RU16 8.3.406.0 Mar2015 KB3030086 Download
2007 SP3 RU17 8.3.417.1 Jun2015 KB3056710 Download
2007 SP3 RU18 8.3.445.0 Dec2015 KB3078672 Download
2007 SP3 RU19 8.3.459.0 Mar2016 KB3141352 Download
2007 SP3 RU20 8.3.468.0 Jun2016 KB3151086 Download
2007 SP3 RU21 8.3.485.1 Sep2016 KB3184711 Download
2007 SP3 RU22 8.3.502.0 Dec2016 KB3184712 Download
2007 SP3 RU23 8.3.517.0 Mar2017 KB4011325 Download
2010 RTM (Exchange ’14’) 14.0.639.21 Oct2009 Release Notes Download
2010 RU1 14.0.682.1 Dec2009 KB976573 Download
2010 RU2 14.0.689.0 Mar2010 KB979611 Download
2010 RU3 14.0.694.0 Apr2010 KB981401 Download
2010 RU4 14.0.702.1 Jun2010 KB982639 Download
2010 RU5 14.0.726.0 Dec2010 KB2407113 Download
2010 SP1 Aug2010 Release Notes Download
2010 SP1 RU1 Oct2010 KB2407082 Download
2010 SP1 RU2 Dec2010 KB2425179 Download
2010 SP1 RU3 v3
(v1: Feb2011)
KB2529939 Download
2010 SP1 RU4 v2 14.1.323.6
(v1: 14.1.323.1)
(v1: Jun2011)
KB2579150 Download
2010 SP1 RU5 14.1.339.1 Aug2011 KB2582113 Download
2010 SP1 RU6 14.1.355.2 Oct2011 KB2608646 Download
2010 SP1 RU7 v3 (v2:14.1.421.2,
(v2: Oct2012,
KB2778158 Download
2010 SP1 RU8 14.1.438.0 Dec2012 KB2787763 Download
2010 SP2 Dec2011 Release Notes Download
2010 SP2 RU1 Feb2012 KB2645995 Download
2010 SP2 RU2 Apr2012 KB2661854 Download
2010 SP2 RU3 14.2.309.2 May2012 KB2685289 Download
2010 SP2 RU4 v2 14.2.318.4
KB2706690 Download
2010 SP2 RU5 v2 14.2.328.10
KB2785908 Download
2010 SP2 RU6 14.2.342.3 Feb2013 KB2746164 Download
2010 SP2 RU7 14.2.375.0 Aug2013 KB2874216 Download
2010 SP2 RU8 14.2.390.3 Dec2013 KB2903903 Download
2010 SP3 Feb2013 Release Notes Download
2010 SP3 RU1 May2013 KB2803727 Download
2010 SP3 RU2 Aug2013 KB2866475 Download
2010 SP3 RU3 Nov2013 KB2891587 Download
2010 SP3 RU4 Dec2013 KB2905616 Download
2010 SP3 RU5 Feb2014 KB2917508 Download
2010 SP3 RU6 May2014 KB2936871 Download
2010 SP3 RU7 Aug2014 KB2961522 Download
2010 SP3 RU8 v2
Dec2014 KB2986475 Download
2010 SP3 RU9 Mar2015 KB3030085 Download
2010 SP3 RU10 Jun2015 KB3049853 Download
2010 SP3 RU11 Sep2015 KB3078674 Download
2010 SP3 RU12 Dec2015 KB3096066 Download
2010 SP3 RU13 Mar2016 KB3141339 Download
2010 SP3 RU14 14.3.301.0 Jun2016 KB3151097 Download
2010 SP3 RU15 14.3.319.2 Sep2016 KB3184728 Download
2010 SP3 RU16 14.3.339.0 Dec2016 KB3184730 Download
2010 SP3 RU17 14.3.352.0 Mar2017 KB4011326 Download
2010 SP3 RU18 14.3.361.1 Jul2017 KB4018588 Download
2013 RTM (Exchange ’15’) 15.0.516.32 Oct2012 Release Notes Download
2013 CU1 15.0.620.29 Apr2013 KB2816900 Download
2013 CU1 + KB2874216v2 15.0.620.34 Aug2013 KB2816900 KB2874216 Download
2013 CU2 v2 v2:15.0.712.24
Jul2013 KB2859928 Download
2013 CU2 + KB2874216v2 15.0.712.28 Aug2013 KB2859928 KB2874216 Download
2013 CU2 + KB2880833 15.0.712.31 Dec2013 KB2859928 KB2880833 Download
2013 CU3 15.0.775.38 Nov2013 KB2892464 Download
2013 CU3 + KB2880833 15.0.775.41 Dec2013 KB2892464 KB2880833 Download
2013 SP1 (CU4) 15.0.847.32 Feb2014 KB2926248 Download
2013 SP1 (CU4) + KB3184736 15.0.847.50 Sep2016 KB3184736 KB3184736 Download
2013 SP1 (CU4) + KB4013242 15.0.847.53 Mar2017 KB3184736 KB4013242 Download
2013 SP1 (CU4) + KB4018588 15.0.847.55 Jul2017 KB4018588 KB4013242 Download
2013 CU5 15.0.913.22 May2014 KB2936880 Download
2013 CU6 15.0.995.29 Aug2014 KB2961810 Download
2013 CU7 15.0.1044.25 Dec2014 KB2986485 Download
2013 CU8 15.0.1076.9 Mar2015 KB3030080 Download
2013 CU9 15.0.1104.5 Jun2015 KB3049849 Download
2013 CU10 15.0.1130.7 Sep2015 KB3078678 Download
2013 CU11 15.0.1156.6 Dec2015 KB3099522 Download
2013 CU12 15.0.1178.4 Mar2016 KB3108023 Download
2013 CU12 + KB3184736 15.0.1178.9 Sep2016 KB3108023 KB3184736 Download
2013 CU13 15.0.1210.3 Jun2016 KB3135743 Download
2013 CU13 + KB3184736 15.0.1210.6 Sep2016 KB3135743 KB3184736 Download
2013 CU14 15.0.1236.3 Sep2016 KB3177670 Download
2013 CU14 + KB4013242 15.0.1236.6 Mar2017 KB3177670 KB4013242 Download
2013 CU15 15.0.1263.5 Dec2016 KB3197044 Download
2013 CU16 15.0.1293.2 Mar2017 KB4012112 Download UMLP
2013 CU16 + KB4018588 15.0.1293.4 Jul2017 KB4018588 Download
2013 CU17 15.0.1320.4 Jun2017 KB4012114 Download UMLP
2013 CU18 15.0.1347.2 Sep2017 KB4022631 Download UMLP
2016 Preview Jul2015 Release Notes Download
2016 RTM Oct2015 Release Notes Download
2016 CU1 15.1.396.30 Mar2016 KB3134844 Download
2016 CU1 + KB3184736 15.1.396.37 Sep2016 KB3134844 KB3184736 Download
2016 CU2 15.1.466.34 Jun2016 KB3135742 Download
2016 CU2 + KB3184736 15.1.466.37 Sep2016 KB3135742 KB3184736 Download
2016 CU3 15.1.544.27 Sep2016 KB3152589 Download
2016 CU3 + KB4013242 15.1.544.30 Mar2017 KB3152589 KB4013242 Download
2016 CU4 15.1.669.32 Dec2016 KB3177106 Download
2016 CU5 15.1.845.34 Mar2017 KB4012106 Download UMLP
2016 CU5 + KB4018588 15.1.845.36 Jul2017 KB4018588 Download
2016 CU6 15.1.1034.26 Jun2017 KB4012108 Download UMLP
2016 CU7 15.1.1261.35 Sep2017 KB4018115 Download UMLP

36 thoughts on “Exchange Versions, Builds & Dates

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  2. In Exchange Server 2010, you can confirm the build version with by running this command in the Exchange Management Shell: GCM exsetup |%{$_.Fileversioninfo}

  3. Thank you so much for this very useful Exchange 2007 & Exchange 2010 version numbers table. It is incredibly “not easy” to find this info. on the web and what with the instability of some Exchange 2007 updates this table is just what i needed to see. Thank you.

  4. Hi,

    firstly, thank you for the table. This really helps in keeping up with the many changes to Exchange….particualrly Exchange 2010

    regarding the last roll update 4…I found this article…..

    The rollup update has been removed & a new roll update (5) will be released in august sometime. Just thought I share this with all.



  5. Thank you for the information, it has proven very useful over the years! One thing I have noticed though – there’s an error for the version number for Exchange 2007 SP1 RU9. The number you have is, however the actual number is 8.1.393.1 – I guess you made a typo there!

  6. I so appreciate you for putting this together! Thank you!

    I was trying to get EMC installed on my local machine and every time I’d install something it would still say I needed a higher version. Once I found this site, I was able to locate exactly what I needed (a specific RU version).

  7. Hi All ,
    In my system the version is given as ” 15.1.549.20 ” but i am not sure about the Microsoft Exchange Server Name for this version .

  8. Is the 2013 CU13 + KB3184736 version really 15.0.1210.3 (the same as without the KB)? I’m guessing that is a typo and version is now higher than 15.0.1210.3.

    • Previous builds which are out of support stop being available at some point through official channels. This is why you need to keep the installation set of any build you have running in production, should you ever need it again. Try to to get an earlier build through your TAM or support channel.

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