My Scripts

Over the years I have created several scripts, some of which I created or rewrote for the (Exchange) community. Suggestions for (Exchange related) scripts or feedback are welcomed through the Contact form or through comments in related posts.

Below is an overview of the individual scripts and other tools.

ScriptdescriptionLast Update
Invoke-UnarchiveExchange script to move contents back from personal archives to primary mailboxes20230425
Remove-MessageClassItemsScript to remove items from specific message classes from Exchange mailboxes.20230422
Remove-DuplicateItemsScript to remove duplicate items from Exchange mailboxes.20230421
Get-EventSessionScript to assist in downloading Microsoft event contents or return session information.20230324
Convert-DistributionGroupScript to support converting synchronized Distribution Groups to cloud-only Distribution Groups20230302
Install-Exchange15Script to fully unattended Exchange 2013/2016/2019 deployments.20230224
MiscSeveral scripts to support tasks regarding earlier versions of Exchange20221122
Connect-Office365ServicesHelper functions to connect to Office 365 services or Exchange On-Premises.20221102
Compare-CmdletsScript to compare cmdlets available through supported modules.20220926
Analyze-ExoScriptScript to analyze Exchange Online Management scripts, reporting contained EXO cmdlets are REST or RPS based20220912
Fix-MailboxFoldersScript to fix mailbox folder names after changing regional settings or restore/import.20220816
Get-ExchangePQTScript to help calculate SpecInt2006 rate for sizing Exchange deployments.20220323
Get-ExchangeVersionRetrieves Exchange server version information.20220315
Clear-AutoCompleteScript to clear one or more locations where recipient information is cached.20211213
Set-AutoResponderNotificationScript to set AutoResponder inbox rule on an Exchange mailbox. This can be used to inform relations and partners sending messages to support mergers, acquisitions or rebranding.20210831
ZimbraToolsResources to support migrations from Zimbra to Exchange20210506
Configure-ClientSizeLimitsConfigure client-specific message size limits for Exchange Web Services, Outlook WebApp or ActiveSync workloads. 20190718
Get-DotNetVersionRetrieve .NET Framework version from one or more computers20190715
Configure-IMIntegrationConfigures IM Integration on Exchange 2013/2016 servers20180505
AutodiscoverServiceConnectionPointHelper functions to create, remove and configure Autodiscover Service Connection Points for Exchange.20180505

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