Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Calculator 16.5

The Microsoft Exchange Team published an updated of the Exchange Mailbox Role Calculator, bringing it to version 16.5.

Additions since version 14.4:

  • Added virtualization support;
  • Added database symmetrical distribution with resilience support, cross-site fail-over option;
  • Added exportable scripts to support preparation of storage and creation of database copies;
  • Added server failure simulations.
  • Added throughput requirements information.

Bug fixes since 14.4:

  • Fixed an issue with diskpart.ps1 that prevented the script from executing;
  • Fixed secondary datacenter disk calculations to use the correct formula for calculating the formatted disk capacity for the transaction log disks;
  • Fixed “—“ rounding logic error that could occur in the results tables of the Activation worksheet for site resilient scenarios;
  • Fixed a scenario where the calculator would report there were too many copies in the secondary datacenter validation checks.

You can download the calculator here or consult the changeblog here. Related announcement by Exchange team here. Usage instructions can be found here.

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