The UC Architects Podcast S01E12

The 12th episode of The UC Architects is online. The UC Architects is a bi-weekly podcast on Unified Communications in the Microsoft domain, i.e. Exchange and Lync, or related subjects.

This episode is hosted by Steve Goodman, who’s joined by Pat Richard, Michael Van Horenbeeck, Serkan Varoglu and yours truly. Special guest is Greg Taylor from the Exchange Product Team at Microsoft.

Amongst the topics discussed in this episode are:

  • Who’s Greg Taylor
  • Lync and Skype developments;
  • New Exchange Update Rollups;
  • Greg Taylor Q&A (CAS, Load Balancing, Exchange 2013, TMG, Hosting);
  • Office Web Apps.

You can directly listen or download the episode here, or subscribe to the podcasts using iTunes, Zune or RSS.

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