Exchange 2019 Preferred Architecture

Ex2013 LogoMicrosoft has been promoting Docs as the new home of product documentation for a while now. And now a long awaited piece of Exchange 2019 documentation has been published, the Exchange 2019 Preferred Architecture.

The Preferred Architecture – or PA – contains information on how to plan and deploy Exchange 2019 using commodity hardware. It also contains more guidelines on deploying Exchange 2019 using its new Metacache database (MCDB) feature; SSDs to store meta data to speed up storage access, improving overall performance and user experience.

Still missing in the planning instruments is an updated Exchange role requirements calculator for Exchange 2019, incorporating things like the metacache database etc. I’m pretty sure that is being worked on to be released at a future date.

Also quiet convenient is that GitHub being the platform allows the team to provide a feed on Exchange content updates. Really nice to quickly see latest additions and changes in documentation.

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