71-663 Beta Exam

Today I had a shot at the Microsoft Beta Exam 71-663, Designing and Deploying Messaging Solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Largely on autopilot – the last time exam was in February – I went to the Exam Center of Global Knowledge only to find an half-empty building with new occupants; the company’s sign still was on the building. After some calls I discovered they relocated in March this year to the other side of Nieuwegein. Luckily I still was allowed to take the exam (normally you need to be there 30 mins in advance). Also, I am lucky my exam didn’t get cancelled. It turns out something went wrong with the application as it was uncapped and too much candidates could apply for 71-663 than was planned for. Shame.

Oh yeah, without going into too much details because of the NDA: the exam was ok.

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