Exchange 2010 Network Ports

When looking for which ports Exchange 2010 uses, you probably already read the excellent Exchange 2010 Network Port Reference TechNet article located here.

However, at some point, like when discussing things with the network/firewall people or documenting your design, it might be required to visualize things. For this purpose I created the following diagram:


Note that it’s a v1 and not all things are included, e.g.

  • Internal clients, e.g. Outlook, OWA;
  • UM connections to PBX;
  • Client Access Server connections to OCS;
  • For Hub-Hub, CAS-CAS or Edge-Edge, I’ve included a 2nd Hub/CAS/Edge server only mentioning ports used for Hub-Hub, CAS-CAS and Edge-Edge communications.

Also, all ports are left at their default values and the diagram doesn’t reflect the fact that you can fix certain ports like the one for the DAG or the MAPI RPC port; that might be added in a later version.

When you got feedback, fill in a comment. Otherwise, feel free the use it; crediting or a reference would be nice.

26 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 Network Ports

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  2. Great post Michel, I appreciate the effort that has gone into this.

    Will really help during design process and will be good to also see the addition of UM ports for PBX


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  6. The arrows to/from the DC and mailbox show as two way for protocol communication I’m guessing that this was just a slight oversight? Also, I’m making a tabular spreadsheet of all the protocol communication requirements for a exchange 2010 environment. I’ll use this table as the data for a script which will take all the servers in an environment and spit out firewall requests for companies with an international or highly segmented network. Would you be so kind as to review the excel sheet I come up with for additions/mistakes and your professional insight?


    • Oversight? No. There’s two-way traffic, e.g.
      * Email Address Policy addresses stamping on AD objects;
      * Failover Cluster updating its record in DNS.

      Reviewing, sure. Nice idea btw; always nice to semi-automate those RFC requests 🙂


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