Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 3 v3

After pulling Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2010 SP1 after an important Blackberry issue on March 15th, the Exchange team claim to have fixed the issue and and re-released the rollup. So, after re-releasing Exchange 2007 SP3 Rollup 3 after fixing potential store corruption issues, Exchange 2010 SP1 now also gets its own rollup re-release. Note that its officially a v3 release; I don’t know what happened to v2.

Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 3 v3 raises Exchange 2010ÔÇ▓s version number to (initial release was The related knowledgebase article is kb2529939.

You can download Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup3 v3 here.

4 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 3 v3

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