Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Calculator 17.2

Only 3 weeks after publishing version 16.5 of the Exchange Mailbox Role Calculator, the Exchange Team publishes an update bringing it to version 17.2.

Bug fixes since version 16.5:

  • Database Copy Distribution fixes:
    • Prevented distribution calculation when Input sheet values are invalid; added row in header for counters for databases assigned to a server;
    • Added conditional formatting to highlight error/problem status messages in white text on red background;
    • Corrected the issue where Non-English operating system locales could not execute the database copy distribution macro;
    • Increased the performance of the Server Failure buttons;
    • Corrected an issue that prevented the Diskpart.ps1 script from working when there was only one server line present.
  • Updated comments for processor input section to help customers understand the correct value to enter for SPECInt2006 rate value when deploying Mailbox servers as guest machines;
  • Fixed CPU percentage calculation formula for lagged database copy servers to use the available megacycles for the Lagged Copy servers as opposed to the primary datacenter Mailbox servers;
  • Added 900GB capacity as an option for disk drives.

You can download the calculator here or consult the changeblog here. Usage instructions can be found here.

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