Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Calculator 18.9

It’s been a while since the last update, but today the Exchange Team released a minor update to the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Calculator, bringing it to version 18.9.

Note: Apparantly there was also a 18.2 version, which wasn’t announced publicly on the EHLO blog. It looks like 18.2 was released on April 7th. I’ll also mention the changes in that version compared to the last publicly announced version, which was 17.8.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes since version 18.2:

  • Fixed the Storage worksheet’s “RAID Storage Configuration” Table to exclude showing “Total Number of Disks Required” for designs that do not have lagged database copies and are deploying in a JBOD configuration.
  • Added a notification to Role Requirements regarding scenarios that result in >2TB databases.
  • Fixed an error notification to indicate when the input parameters have resulted in a design that has more HA copies than available Mailbox servers.
  • Fixed the DAG LUN total space calculation to be based on the total number of database copies, not the total number of mailbox servers.
  • Fixed the database copy validation formula to ensure there is at least 1 HA copy or lagged database copy in the secondary datacenter when site resilience is enabled.
  • Fixed servers.csv to not add a space between the comma and drive letter.
  • Fixed cells to have the correct color formatting.
  • Updated BDM throughput requirements to stipulate 7.5MB/s per database as the worst case, which aligns with what can potentially be seen in Jetstress runs.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes in version 18.2 when compared to version 17.2:

  • Fixed the calculator’s database copy validation check function to allow for a single DAG to be stretched between datacenters when the database copy count is even.
  • Fixed the “Storage Design Results Pane – Total Disks Required” when leveraging the “As Calculated” results to not highlight RAID disks for a datacenter’s server when JBOD was the appropriate choice in the “RAID Storage Configuration” choice.  Likewise, the “JBOD Storage Configuration” table’s calculations were also fixed to not highlight the use of JBOD disks for a datacenter’s server when RAID was the appropriate choice.
  • Fixed an error in Storage Results where the Secondary Datacenter storage architecture tables would report the Primary Datacenter disk type and capacity instead of Secondary Datacenter disk type for RAID architectures.
  • Fixed an erroneous alert on the Input worksheet regarding not having enough IO capability for JBOD due to isolating logs from databases.
  • Fixed the calculated maximum database size for JBOD scenarios to allow for 2TB databases when >2.5TB disk sizes are selected.

You can download the calculator here. For more information please consult the changeblog or usage instructions.

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