Jetstress 2013

Ex2013 LogoIn the list of expected products to accompany Exchange 2013, Microsoft today released JetStress 2013, version 15.0.651.0.

Jetstress is your tool of choice to check the performance and stability of your storage design under load. It simulates Exchange I/O behaviour using Exchange 2013 patterns allowing you to verify dimensioning and validate performance expectations from a database perspective.


To run JetStress 2013 you need:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • ESE.DLL, ESEPerf.dll, ESEPerf.ini, ESEPerf.hxx (copy these from an Exchange 2013 installation source)

Note: The installer currently installs a shortcut named “Exchange JetStress 2010”, but it really is JetStress 2013.

You can download the Jetstress 2013 here.

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