Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator 5.9

Excel-2013[1]The Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator received an update to reflect changed incorporated in Exchange 2013 CU2, like the increased maximum number of databases. The new version number is 5.9.

Changes since version 5.8:

  • DAG script fix

Changes since version 5.6:

  • Fixed VBA error “The object invoked is disconnected from its client” error when recalculating Distribution tab
  • Added validation check for per-server database limit
  • Improved conditional formatting for JBOD disk capacity/type alerts
  • Fixed conditional formatting bug on custom databases input
  • Fixed bugs and improved the CreateMBDatabases.ps1 and CreateDAG.ps1 scripts
  • Fixed disk function display name problem
  • Revised calulation of TotDBVolSpaceDAG on Volume Requirements tab to account for multiple databases per volume
  • Fixed bug when custom database size is set to zero
  • Fixed number of volumes for 48 copies/server in 2 volumes/backup set scenario
  • Removed 2nd site dependency for setting Alt FSW
  • Added support for 100 databases / server
  • Fixed bug with circular logging export
  • Fixed transcript bug in CreateMBDatabaseCopies script
  • Adjusted CI memory calculation for corner case scenarios
  • Fixed Shadow Effect calculation
  • Fixed mistakes in comments
  • Disabled AutoReseed when Log Isolation is enabled

You can download the calculator here. For more information please consult the release notes and read me

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