Rerelease of MS13-06/KB2874216 for Exchange 2013

Ex2013 LogoToday the rereleases of MS13-061 Security Fix for Exchange 2013 CU1 and Exchange 2013 CU2 saw daylight. This security update KB2874216 fixes the issue described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-061 and supposedly fixes the issues found with the original release. After installing the v2 patch, the version will be upped 2 notches compared to the original patch.

As mentioned in an earlier article, security fixes are Cumulative Update level specific. In practice, this means there are two different versions of the security update patch file: one for CU1 and one for CU2.

Be advised both files carry the same file name, Exchange2013-KB2874216-v2-x64-en.msp. I suggest adding some form of Cumulative Update identification to the file name when you archive it, e.g. Exchange2013-KB2874216-v2-x64-en-CU2.msp.

As with any patch or update, I’d recommend to thoroughly test this in a test and acceptance environment first, prior to implementing it in production. If you don’t have the resources and risk management can agree, you might want to consider postponing implementation for a short period while monitoring for issues in the online.

You can download the security updates here:

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