Office Servers and Services MVPs

It’s been a while since I made an overview of the number of Exchange MVPs around the world. With the recent reorganization of the MVP program, lots of product-related MVP awards were merged in container titles. For example, the former Exchange or Lync Server MVPs are now part of the Office Servers and Services MVP, making it nearly impossible to differentiate per expertise unless classifying individual MVPs.


The graphic displays distribution of Office Servers and Services MVPs over the world, per October 2016. The information is collected from the public MVP site, and while some MVPs remain anonymous (curious, as awardees are in principle active community members), it’s clear some regions are still under-represented.

Below are the numbers used to create the above map.

(Unknown) 45 Hungary 3 Russia 8
Argentina 3 India 13 Serbia 1
Australia 24 Indonesia 2 Singapore 4
Austria 1 Ireland 2 Slovakia 1
Belgium 7 Israel 2 Slovenia 2
Bosnia-Herzegovina 3 Italy 9 South Africa 4
Brazil 10 Japan 20 Spain 7
Bulgaria 2 Korea 11 Sri Lanka 5
Canada 49 Kuwait 1 Sweden 10
Chile 2 Latvia 1 Switzerland 9
China 21 Macedonia 2 Taiwan 2
Colombia 3 Malaysia 3 Netherlands 14
Costa Rica 1 Mexico 4 Tunisia 1
Croatia 4 New Zealand 6 Turkey 4
Czech Republic 2 Norway 5 Ukraine 1
Denmark 4 Pakistan 2 United Arab Emirates 5
Egypt 2 Palestine 1 United Kingdom 24
Finland 2 Peru 1 United States 106
France 19 Philippines 2 Uruguay 1
Germany 18 Poland 2 Vietnam 4
Greece 1 Portugal 5
Guatemala 1 Romania 2  TOTAL  538
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About Michel de Rooij

I'm a Microsoft 365 Apps & Services MVP, with focus on Exchange Server, AzureAD, Microsoft 365 and with a PowerShell affection. I'm a consultant, publisher of EighTwOne, published author, and speaker. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Office Servers and Services MVPs

  1. Michel

    In my country Brazil the number of MVPs Office Servers and Services, and well below compared to other countries.
    Like Exchange Server, but I’m still in doubt for career Cloud Management Data Center or Office Servers and Services.


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