Ignite: Outlook Calendaring Update

In the Ignite talk Outlook Calendar: Fundamentals and Collaboration, the unequaled Julia Foran laid out tons of new and coming features for the various Outlook platforms in relation to calendaring. You can watch the video on the Virtual Hub.

I tried to capture those in below table. For more information for some of these features, please watch the recording

Personal calendar side-by-side
(Hotmail/Live/MSN, Google)
Connect Shared & Delegated Mailboxesβœ”βœ”βœ”β­β­
Importing of ICS attachmentsβœ”βœ”β­πŸ•’β­
Calendar To-Do pane (My Day)βœ”β­β­
Calendar To-Do pane showing Tasks (My Day)βœ”πŸ•’
Calendar To-Do pane multiple Months supportβœ”1
Suggested Timesβ”β­βœ”πŸ•’πŸ•’
Advanced Room Finderβœ”1β­βœ”
Room Suggestions for Recurring Meetingsβ­πŸ•’β­β”β”
Room Suggestions showing Room Capabilities
(leverages Set-Place / Places REST API)
Room Suggestions and Policies integration
AllowRecurringMeeting, BookingWindowInDays, EnforceSchedulingHorizon, MaximumDurationInMinutes
Finding a Workspace
Teams meeting quick-join
In-Calendar, Inbox or Search
Online meetings by default – OutlookπŸ•’β­β­β­β­
Built-in Breaks – End Late
Built-In Breaks – Start Late
Setting roams clients, org-wide config coming soon
Meeting Insights – Outlook
Meeting Insights – Teams
Full Mailbox Delegates
Delegates receive full calendar permissions instead of the organisation (default) permissions
Week Numbers
Setting not roaming yet
Scheduling with time zone selectionβœ”βœ”βœ”β­βœ”
Sync local device calendars
Sync back in progress, controllable with InTune policy
Flexible Week Viewβœ”βœ”β­βœ”βœ”
Travel detection with time zone adjustmentβœ”βœ”β­βœ”βœ”
Automatic Removal of orphaned attendees
Attendees that left company get removed from meeting after first NDR to organizer.

βœ” : Already available
πŸ•’ : Coming
⭐ : New Feature
❔ : Undetermined

1) Currently available to Office Insiders

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