A short blog on the EWS Managed API and using the latest version with scripts leveraging Exchange Web Services (EWS), such as my Remove-DuplicateItems script. The installable EWS Managed API library was last updated in 2014 (version 2.2, reports as v15.0.913.22), and there have been few enhancements since then. These are included in the EWS.WebServices.Managed.Api package, which carries version

Although this library was last updated in 2019, you might still need it to successfully run EWS scripts. The EWS.WebServices.Managed.Api package supports some Exchange Web Services calls which are not supported in the 2.2 version, and may lead to error messages like Exception calling “FindFolders” with “2” argument(s) or other messages related to the (number of) arguments. This may be an indication a particular call was used to one of the EWS functions, but which is not supported by the installed EWS Managed API library. In those cases, installing this updated library might help.

The library is published on NUGet as a package. To install the package, we first need to register NuGet as a Package Source:

Register-PackageSource -provider NuGet -name nugetRepository -location https://www.nuget.org/api/v2

Next, install the package from the newly defined NuGet source:

Install-Package Exchange.WebServices.Managed.Api

The package installs by default under C:\Program Files\PackageManagement\NuGet\Packages. I have updated my scripts to include this location when searching for the required Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll as well. Alternatively, you can copy this DLL from the ..\Exchange.WebServices.Managed.Api.<Version>\lib\net35 folder to the location where the script resides. When running my EWS-based scripts in Verbose mode, it will report as version

Hopefully this blog will potentially save you some time troubleshooting, and myself answering some support messages. Enjoy!

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