ToolsLike most Exchange fellows, I maintain a set of (offline) tools and scripts to analyze, design and deploy Exchange environments or setup or troubleshoot Exchange Online deployments. These tools are additional to the original media, service packs etc.

Because of the variety in customer environments, i.e. Exchange versions, the set contains tools for different versions of Exchange (when applicable), or versions of tools.

I’ve divided the toolkit in three parts:

Latest changes:

  • Apr18: Updated Connect-Office365Services.ps1 v1.51 (My Scripts)
  • Apr18: Updated Remove-MessageClassItems.ps1 v1.53 (My Scripts)
  • Apr18: Updated Azure AD Connect v1.1.486.0 (Tools)
  • Apr17: Updated Fix-MailboxFolders.ps1 v1.47 (My Scripts)
  • Apr10: Updated MFCMAPI/MrMAPI v17.0.17099.1 (Tools)
  • Apr9: Updated Azure AD MFA Server v7.3.0.3  (Tools)
  • Apr8: Updated Azure AD Connect v1.1.484.0 (Tools)
  • Apr6: Updated Connect-Office365Services.ps1 v1.5 (My Scripts)
  • Mar24: Updated Install-Exchange15.ps1 v2.91 (My Scripts)
  • Mar7: Updated Azure AD Connect v1.1.443.0 (Tools)
  • Feb17: Updated Remove-MessageClassItems.ps1 v1.52 (My Scripts)
  • Feb17: Updated Remove-DuplicateItems.ps1 v1.63 (My Scripts)
  • Feb15: Update Configure-ClientSizeLimits.ps1 v1.2 (My Scripts)
  • Feb9: Updated Remove-DuplicateItems.ps1 v1.62 (My Scripts)
  • Feb9: Updated Remove-MessageClassItems.ps1 v1.51 (My Scripts)
  • Jan30: Updated Remove-DuplicateItems.ps1 v1.61 (My Scripts)
  • Jan29: Added Azure AD MFA Server v7.2.0.1  (Tools)
  • Jan26: Updated Remove-MessageClassItems.ps1 v1.5 (My Scripts)
  • Jan25: Updated Remove-DuplicateItems.ps1 v1.6 (My Scripts)
  • Jan23: Updated Exchange Server Role Calculator v8.5 (Tools)
  • Jan16: Updated Azure AD Connect v1.1.380.0 (Tools)
  • Jan13: Updated Install-Exchange15.ps1 v2.9 (My Scripts)
  • Jan8: Updated Generate-MessageProfile v2.0 (Other Scripts)
  • Jan7: Updated Exchange Server Role Calculator v8.4 (Tools)

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