Outlook 2007 hotfix for Exchange 2010 Personal Archive support

Update: After fixing some issues (see here) the Outlook team re-released hotfix KB2412171 and made it available for direct download here or you can get it through Windows Update.

It seems the Office 2007 Cumulative Update for December 2010 (KB2479671) will contain support for the long awaited support for Exchange 2010 Personal Archives in Outlook 2007. Note that support is limited as not all functionality found in Outlook 2010 is present, but it is usable from a customer perspective.

After applying the Outlook 2007 hotfix (SP2 is a prerequisite), archive-enabled users can do the following:

  • Access and move messages to or from their personal archive;
  • Mailboxes for which you have full access permissions will be automatically added to your Outlook view (known as auto mapping of shared mailboxes) inspecting the msExchDelegateListLink attribute (more info on this at Steve Goodman’s blog here);
  • If you have full access permissions to an archive-enabled mailbox, that archive will be accessible and automatically displayed as well.
    In the screenshot below you’ll the the user’s mailbox (Francis Blake), his Personal Archive and he has full access permissions to Philip Mortimer’s mailbox, who is also archive-enabled:


Unfortunately, there are also a few things not implemented, e.g.

  • No support for archiving policies, meaning users won’t be able to override centrally configured retention and archiving policy settings using personal tags in Outlook. More info on archiving policies and personal tags here;
  • Not integral searches, meaning you need to search the mailbox or the personal archive seperately. Searching “all mail items” will not retrieve results from the personal archive, as shown in the screenshot below:


It is unknown if these omissions are going to be introduced in a later hotfix, as the initial hotfix for personal archives in Outlook 2007 was set for Q1/Q2 2011.

Be advised that this hotfix will enable personal archive functionality for the following product versions only:

  • Office Ultimate (Retail)
  • Office ProPlus (Volume License)
  • Office Enterprise (Volume License)
  • Outlook Standalone (Retail or Volume License)

Note that the Outlook 2007 update for archive support is still not mentioned on the cumulative update page as the cumulative update package has yet to be released. However, the KB article has been published (KB2458611). You can request and retrieve the individual hotfix here.

Thanks for Ankur Kothari (@ankbomb) from product management for the early update.

14 thoughts on “Outlook 2007 hotfix for Exchange 2010 Personal Archive support

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  5. How can i use hot fix to upgrade my Outlook 2007 so that I can configure my emails as if i have outlook 2010. My outlook emails only run on Outlook 2010 platform which i do not have


  6. We are running Exchange 2010 SP1, archiving enabled, using Outlook 2007 Pro, when im trying to search in the Archive, NO hits!! 😦 Can someone explain?


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  8. Hi Michel,

    Nice post! I think you could help us with our case.We have migrated some of our users to the Online Archive but most of them are having issues with their Outlook search now. Their Outlook search function is just doing a partial search or not searching any items at all even the search has an expected result. When this first occur on their Outlook 2010, we simply fixed the issue by rebuilding their index but after a couple of days the same issue returns. It makes sense that since Retention Policy move the emails from their mailbox going to their Personal Archive, the indexing were getting messed/reset on their local machines. Have you encountered this issue before?

    Thank You,



    • We have a similar problem at a customer.
      After we have done a PST-import into their mailboxes stored on Exchange 2010, the search was messed up. We then found articles regarding “migrating” objects from 2003 environment to 2010 can mess up “Exchange Indexing”, so we are going to do a totalt rebuild of their “Exchange Indexing”. In our case we are not using Archive Function. But if this doesnt work for Us, i hope someone outhere have something that can help us.

      Are your users experiencing same problem if they run “cached exchange” mode or not? Is it so that if you run “cached exchange” mode on a client with Outlook on will the OST-file be indexed from, let say Win7 Indexin service instead of “Exchange Indexer”, in that case, try to turn off “cached exchange” mode and then try.


      • Hi Tony, it seems that we have the same problem but with different cause. Yes, for isolating this issue, we have put one of the affected users in off cached mode. Her issue seems to be not happening anymore after that. However, we still prefer to use cached mode for our users as online mode will use the exchange resources unlike in cached mode. This will not be good for our Exchange server if we are going to switch our entire user in online mode.


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