Exchange Virtual Conference

Exchange 2010 LogoOn January 1st, 2013 The UC Architects felllow Paul Cunningham asked around to see who wanted to participate in a “virtual conference about Exchange Server, kind of a mini-MEC but purely online, 100% free, essentially a series of webinars/screencasts about Exchange Server 2010/2013”.

This Monday saw the start of the (inaugural) Exchange Virtual Conference. Paul gathered enough well-known people from the Exchange community to have a nice line-up of speakers and interesting sessions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t commit at that time nor find time after that to create a session, so I had to pass.

Here’s an overview of the sessions, which are pre-recorded and are 45-60 minutes (lunch break material):

Note: List will be updated with links to sessions as they become available.


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About Michel de Rooij

Michel is a Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP, with focus on Exchange Server, Office 365 and a PowerShell affection. He is a consultant, publisher of EighTwOne, published author, and speaker. You can find Michel on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+.

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