The UC Architects Podcast Ep28

iTunes-Podcast-logo[1]We’re glad to announce the availability of episode 28 of The UC Architects podcast. This is a special episode recorded with a live audience during DevConnections 2013 in Las Vegas.

This episode is hosted by Steve Goodman, Johan Veldhuis, and Michael van Horenbeeck. Special guests are Tony Redmond, Greg Taylor (Microsoft), Jeff Mealiffe (Microsoft) and John Rodriguez (Microsoft).

Topics discussed in this special episode are:

  • MEC is back  – registration is now open, so get signing up! What might await those thinking of going? And with MEC, is there still a gap in the market for conferences like Exchange Connections?
  • Where is the place for on-premises Exchange long-term and how does this affect the Exchange-centric IT pro? What kind of skills will they need in 2-5 years time?
  • Is there a need for top level training and certification for Exchange?
  • Product quality – Is is Exchange a victim of it’s own success?
  • Exchange in the public cloud. Amazon Web Services have released a guide on deploying Exchange on AWS. Does this give more choice to organizations?
  • Questions from the audience

More information on the podcast including references and option to play or download the podcast directly through here or you can subscribe to the podcasts using iTunes, Zune or use the RSS feed.

The UC Architects is a bi-weekly community podcast by people with a passion for Unified Communications; our main focus is on Exchange, Lync or related subjects.

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