The UC Architects Podcast Ep34

UC2A quick post to announce the availability of episode 34 of The UC Architects podcast. This episode was recorded at the Lync Conference 2014 in Las Vegas in front of a live audience and features Jamie Stark (@nomorephones), Senior Product Marketing Manager in the Microsoft Skype division, and Lauren Husum (@lhorgan88), Product Marketing Manager in the Lync Marketing group.

This episode is hosted by Pat RIchard who’s also joined by Ståle Hansen, John Cook, Justin Morris, Tim Harrington and Tom Arbuthnot. Editing was done by Andrew Price.

Topics featured in this episode are:

  • Lync Conference 2014 Impressions
  • Lync Conference 2014 Keynote topics
  • Lync Conference 2014 Expo floor
  • Microsoft picks new CEO
  • Planning a Lync Server 2013 Deployment on Virtual Servers
  • Lync Server 2013 Stress Testing Guide
  • Lync Conference 2014 Keynote: Building Toward Universal Communications

More information on the podcast including references and a link to download the podcast here or you can subscribe to the podcasts using iTunes, Zune or use the RSS feed.

The UC Architects is a bi-weekly community podcast by people with a passion for Unified Communications; our main focus is on Exchange, Lync or related subjects.

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