MVP’s around the World

mvpUpdated July 3rd:  Includes newly registered awardees and awardees who changed category. Added overview of Office Servers and Services numbers over last couple of years.

With the latest annual award cycle, one might be curious which impact it had on the MVP population. I performed a similar exercise last year to compare the impact of the start of the new award cycle. This year, all the MVP’s previously on the January and October cycles were also included in the reviews, making this year the first one where MVP leads and others had to perform the dauntless task of reviewing community contributions of over 3,500 people.

For comparison, I had a look at the public MVP statistics of July 1st against those of June 26th, to exclude significant noise from the monthly awardees. To start, let us first have a look at the total population of MVP’s. From the numbers, it is clear some type of correction took place, as the total number of MVP’s went down from 3,815 last month to 3,025 now (-21%).

As big changes might be a result of change of focus, the following table contains the changes per award category from June 2018 to July 2018. Note that the total number of MVP’s doesn’t equal the total number of awardees, as people can be awarded in more than one category; there are 50 MVP’s with multiple award categories.

Competence Jun2018 July2018 Change
Access 39 29 -26%
AI 28 58 107%
Business Solutions 221 184 -17%
Cloud and Datacenter Management 410 302 -26%
Data Platform 442 366 -17%
Enterprise Mobility 159 122 -23%
Excel 103 84 -18%
Microsoft Azure 370 368 -1%
Office Development 44 33 -25%
Office Servers and Services 490 383 -22%
OneNote 15 12 -20%
Outlook 14 11 -21%
PowerPoint 40 34 -15%
Visio 15 10 -33%
Visual Studio and Development
1043 780 -25%
Windows and Devices for IT 136 87 -36%
Windows Development 273 186 -32%
Word 23 19 -17%
Total 3865 3066 -21%

Except for the AI MVP’s, all the numbers are down. Way down. Word is quite a number of long-standing MVP’s have not been re-awarded this cycle. One could only guess for the motivation (only Microsoft knows), but it could be due to the ongoing shift from on-premises technology to cloud-based technology.

When zooming in on the Office Servers and Services MVP’s category, the awards per country is shown in the following heath map and table. Be advised that MVP’s that are anonymous or have profiles without location (~23 for Office Servers and Services), are not taken into account since their location is unknown.


Country Number Country Number Country Number
Argentina 0 (-100%) Ireland 1 (0%) Saudi Arabia 1 (0%)
Australia 17 (-40%) Israel 0 (-100%) Serbia 1 (0%)
Austria 2 (0%) Italy 8 (-20%) Singapore 3 (-25%)
Belgium 8 (0%) Japan 11 (-45%) Slovakia 1 (0%)
Bosnia-Herzegovina 2 (0%) Jordan 1 (0%) Slovenia 1 (-50%)
Brazil 2 (-34%) Korea 6 (-15%) South Africa 4 (-20%)
Bulgaria 1 (0%) Latvia 1 (0%) Spain 5 (-17%)
Canada 29 (-24%) Macedonia F.Y.R.O 2 (0%) Sri Lanka 4 (-43%)
Chile 1 (0%) Malaysia 1 (-50%) Sweden 6 (-25%)
China 14 (-13%) Mexico 2 (-50%) Switzerland 5 (0%)
Colombia 2 (0%) Nepal 1 (0%) Thailand 1 (0%)
Croatia 5 (-17%) New Zealand 4 (-20%) The Netherlands 13 (-8%)
Czech Republic 3 (-25%) Norway 5 (-17%) Turkey 4 (-20%)
Denmark 2 (-50%) Pakistan 2 (0%) Ukraine 1 (-50%)
Egypt 1 (-50%) Peru 1 (-50%) United Arab Emirates 1 (-50%)
Finland 2 (0%) Poland 2 (0%) United Kingdom 23 (-15%)
France 15 (-12%) Portugal 3 (-25%) United States 90 (-19%)
Germany 16 (-20%) Romania 1 (-50%) Uruguay 1 (0%)
Greece 1 (0%) Russia 5 (-50%) Vietnam 0 (-100%)
Hungary 2 (-50%) TOTAL 383 (-22%)
India 12 (-8%)

As shown, some countries have lost their Office Servers and Service MVP’s completely. Looking at the total number of Office Servers and Services MVP’s over the year, the number went a little up again due to monthly awardees, but with the July cycle, the number of Office Servers and Services MVP’s went from 490 to 383 (-22%).

The number of Office Servers and Services and total number of MVP’s over the last years (since award restructuring).

Month oct2016 jan2017 jun2017 jul2017 jan2018 jun2018 jul2018
OSS 538 505 (-7%) 532 (+5%) 449 (-16%) 480 (+6%) 490 (+2%) 383 (-21%)
Total N/A N/A 4134 3490 (-16%) 3747 (+7%) 3815 (+2%) 3030  (-21%)

Unfortunately, I have no data on the other categories from before june 2017.

If you have questions or comments, please discuss in the comments.

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27 thoughts on “MVP’s around the World

  1. Hello Michel, I’m curious about the numbers here – not one single Project MVP listed in 2018. I have the honour of being the world’s first ever Microsoft Project MVP in 1995, and I have seen the numbers go up since then but decline in recent years. I was 12 years as an MVP. Today I am the MVP Reconnect Lead for UK. But I’m was pretty sure we had some Project MVP’s in the mix this last FY. I’d be interested in your comments.. Many Thanks (and great insight on the numbers btw). Kelvin


    • AND … Whilst I believe that Project should be treated as a separate category (see just like Word, Excel, etc, for some bizarre reason Microsoft doesn’t do that and instead lumps it into the Business Solutions group along with all the Dynamics products. Project has never been related to Dynamics and integration is even less now than when Project was a separate MVP category. Its only relatively recently it seems to have been “pushed” into Business Solutions yet has little to do with Dynamics and doesn’t even integrate OOB with these products. Project is one of Microsoft’s highest revenue products yet is treated as a second class citizen when it comes to MVP classification. That can’t be right. It seems like someone “shoved” Project into a grouping because they couldn’t think of anywhere else to put it. But it doesn’t need to be in a grouping – it should stand alone – just like Excel and Word. Clearly the product group folks and the MVP classification folks don’t talk to each other….


      • Is Project shifting towards Dynamics PSA?

        MVP categories should be solution oriented, not about technology only.

        I still don’t get the single categories for Word, Excel, Outlook etc. Why not a single Office Automation category for contributions across all Office products?


        • We, the Project MVP’s, have asked repeatedly to many people in many areas to break out the Project MVP’s the same as Word, Excel, etc. on the MVP site. For some reason our request has gone by the wayside. If you are looking for a Project MVP, you can’t find one.

          In this last round of awards we are down to 6 Project MVP’s in the US. We are not currently aware of any new Project MVP’s and are hoping some show up on our DL over the next week.


      • MVP’s still get awarded for Project, but they come under the Business Solutions category (no idea why!). A couple of colleagues were awarded it last year for Project. Having said that there are very few these days. 🙂


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  5. I don’t think the conclusion that there was a 21% drop is correct. Sure that’s the drop since a few days ago, but you can get awarded 12 times of the year, but only get dropped once a year. So you’ll see the curve go up and up 11 times during the year, and then drop back down once in July.
    Instead you should compare the stats to July last year to account for all that.


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