MVPs around the World (2021)

A new Microsoft MVP award cycle, a new moment to have a look at the MVP statistics. Below numbers are taken from the public MVP site. While July 1st is the first day of the new award cycle, it usually is recommended to wait few days for the site and data behind it to get updated. and new and renewed awardees turning in their Non-Disclosure Agreement before showing up on the site. Because people get awarded every month, the comparison to July of every year should give an idea of the yearly trend.

Disclaimer: A percentage of MVP awardees are anonymous, and do not disclose information regarding expertise or location. There are currently 133 anonymous MVPs, and they are not taken into account in below statistics.

The following table contains the awardees per award category from July of 2019, 2020 and 2021, and change percentage compared to the year before. I will leave the interpretation up to you.

Cloud and Datacenter Management232209-10%2195%
Microsoft Azure40946313%53415%
Office Apps & Services4915124%5569%
Business Applications16624045%32335%
Data Platform3323588%3929%
Developer Technologies6446978%77010%
Enterprise Mobility1061137%13318%
Office Development476436%698%
Windows Development119110-8%1209%
Windows and Devices for IT5743-25%42-2%

Note: The total number of MVPs doesn’t equal the total number of awardees, as MVPs can be awarded in more than one category. A total of 77 MVPs are awarded in two or more categories.

When zooming in on the Office Apps & Services category, the awards per country are shown below, including the % change compared to last year. As you might notice, there are quiet a number of new countries being represented: Ghana, Greece, Peru, Senegal and Vietnam. This supports the current Diversity & Inclusion mindset, and in my opinion is a good thing.

AUS26 (8%)FRA22 (22%)NZL6 (0%)LKA1 (0%)
AUT3 (0%)DEU30 (25%)NGA3 (50%)SWE10 (11%)
BEL5 (0%)GHA1 (100%)NOR6 (0%)CHE3 (0%)
BIH1 (0%)GRC1 (100%)PAK1 (0%)TWN4 (0%)
BRA10 (25%)HUN2 (0%)PER1 (100%)THA2 (0%)
BGR3 (50%)IND12 (-8%)POL6 (0%)NLD22 (0%)
KHM1 (0%)IRL2 (100%)PRT3 (0%)TUR2 (0%)
CAN34 (3%)ISR3 (200%)RUS9 (0%)UKR2 (0%)
CHN17 (0%)ITA5 (0%)SAU1 (0%)ARE2 (100%)
COL6 (20%)JPN20 (0%)SEN1 (100%)GBR38 (15%)
HRV5 (0%)KOR14 (16%)SRB1 (0%)USA131 (6%)
CZE2 (0%)MKD2 (0%)SGP4 (33%)URY1 (0%)
DNK6 (0%)MYS1 (0%)SVK1 (0%)VNM1 (100%)
EGY1 (0%)MEX7 (40%)SVN2 (0%)
SLV1 (0%)MMR1 (0%)ZAF4 (0%)
FIN6 (50%)NPL1 (0%)ESP14 (16%)

And finally, the number of Office Apps & Services and total number of MVP’s over the last years.

OAS & Total PER CYCLEJul2017Jul2018Jul2019Jul2020Jul2021
Office Apps & Services MVPs449383491512535
% Change-15%28%4%4%
Total MVPs34903030263428493223
% Change-13%-13%8%13%

If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below.

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