Annual Report 2021

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Happy new year to all my dear readers and followers. While some thought after 2020 things would improve soon, 2021 proved to be another year of dealing with measures. That said, 2021 was not very different compared to 2020 from a work perspective, with many organizations now professionalizing their quickly adopted digital transformation, further normalization for work from home scenarios. The year again proved to be a challenge for those busy working on customer projects while catering to the community as well. In the end, it is all about finding a balance, especially if you are working from home and the rest of the household is as well.

Now, without further ado, here are some of this blog’s and GitHub’s top entries for 2021.

General Stats

  • Number of views: 271,751 (3,086,610 all-time)
  • Unique visitors: 168,011 (1,627,860 all-time)
  • Number of posts: 17 (647 total)
  • Followers: 508
  • Busiest day: March 4, 2021 (5,616)
  • Popular time of day: Wednesday, 3pm

Popular blogs

Not surprisingly, posts related to the Hafnium security updates lead the way in 2021:

POPULAR Blogs from 2021
Security Update Exchange 2010-2019 (Mar2021)
Security Updates Exchange 2013-2019 (Jul2021)
Security Recommendation Exchange 2016-2019
Security Updates Exchange 2013-2019 (Nov2021)
Security Updates Exchange 2013-2019 (Oct2021)

While I published some additional scripts on my GitHub repository, some scripts like the script to download Ignite sessions or remove duplicate items from Exchange mailboxes remain popular. I performed a total of 144 updates on the scripts, and have 102 people following my GitHub profile.


Top Visitor Countries

United States of America
United Kingdom
The Netherlands

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