Windows Phone 7 to support multiple Exchange accounts

I seem to have missed the news from a few days back that during a broadcast on the @ch9live development network , Joe Belfiore, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Windows Mobile, confirmed multiple Exchange account support in Windows Phone 7 Series. Goodbye to unsupported hacks or POP/IMAP’ing those additional Exchange boxes. I assume includes all the additional benefits like Direct Push (hello battery life!).

In addition, Belfiore stated that on Windows Phone 7 various calendars will be displayed in a single view using coler coding to differentiate between the calendars (i.e. accounts).

Thanks to fellow Exchange guy Magnus Björk for spotting this one.

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7, shouldn’t that be Windows Mobile 7? Yes and No. Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is the successor to Windows Mobile 6, but the rebranding also hints at changes in the approach towards Windows Phone 7, being a mobile platform instead of an operating system. At first glance WP7 is very social networking, multimedia and game focused. The (clean and neat) GUI is also full of animations when you interact with it. I wonder what that will mean for battery life.

You can watch the recording of the press conference from Mobile World Congress 2010 here. For more information on WP7, check out Engadget’s hands-on review here or check out the online demo here.

Update: More information in this hands-on demo on Channel 9 here.