2011, a short Retrospective

Happy new year to all my dear readers and followers. It’s been an interesting year, both from a personal (2nd kid) as well as a professional perspective (job change). It’s also a year with less blogging and community participation than originally planned. Therefor I’ve recycled my New Years’ resolutions of 2011 for 2012. I continue hoping that what you find here may help you in some way.

I’d also like to share with you some blog statistics of 2011, it’s 2nd year running:

Next to the Main, Versions, Builds and Dates and Toolkit pages, these were the Top 5 posts of 2011:

Top 5 posts of all time:

Top 5 referrers of 2011:

Again, thanks for visiting and keep coming back! Don’t forget, you can also follow me on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “2011, a short Retrospective

  1. Happy new year!! I hope that this year you will enchant us with a lot more interesting posts as usual and I hope you will have year like no other .I really like your blog it’s great.Keep up the great work.

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