A Short 2012 Retrospective

statistic-150x150[1]Happy new year to all my dear readers and followers. It’s been a busy and interesting year for various reasons:

  • The release of the Wave 15 products (e.g. Exchange 2013, Lync 2013);
  • The start of the UC Architects podcasts;
  • Return of the MEC (which unfortunately I was unable to attend);
  • Working with people like Jaap Wesselius on several interesting projects;
  • My employer ceasing their UC activities forcing me to change jobs sooner than expected.

The end of a year is also a time of lists. I’d like to share with you some of EighTwOne statistics of 2012, the blog’s 3rd year running:

  • Number of views in 2012: 284,198 (+30% compared to 2011, total 582,849)
  • Number of posts in 2012: 76 (total 319)
  • Busiest day of 2012 : July 18th (1,358 views)
  • Top post of 2012: Changes in Exchange 2013 Preview

Next to the Main, Versions, Builds and Dates, Schema Versions and Toolkit pages, these were the Top 5 posts of 2012:

Top 5 posts of all time:

GeoStats2012Top 5 visitor countries of 2012:

  • United States of America (29,7%)
  • United Kingdom (8,7%)
  • Germany (7,1%)
  • The Netherlands (4,9%)
  • Australia (4,3%)

Top 5 referrers of 2012:

Top 5 search terms of 2012:

  • isinteg exchange 2010
  • limit exchange 2010 memory usage
  • msexcheseparamcachesizemax exchange 2010
  • exchange 2010
  • exchange 2007 version 8.3 build 83.6
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I'm a Microsoft 365 Apps & Services MVP, with focus on Exchange Server, AzureAD, Microsoft 365 and with a PowerShell affection. I'm a consultant, publisher of EighTwOne, published author, and speaker. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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